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A more realistic calculator cricket

Ok So this is a more realistic version of  calculator cricket.

This game has to be played with both players pretty much at the same time because of the whole appeal and wicket system which makes it a little annoying, but awesome as well.


  • (you have 2 bats men in at all times).
  • Only 1-6 (except 5) score runs.
  • Odd numbers are a change of strike.
  • Even numbers player A stays on strike.
  • 7-9 are dot balls marked with a – on the scorecard


  • 0 like in the original version of the game is a wicket. although when you get a 0 you call out to the other player who then has to press random and if he gets a 0 it is a dropped catch, and the player stays in. if it’s any other number he is out. Therefore there is a 1 in 10 chance that your player will not get out.
  • 5 is an appeal, if you get a 5, again you call out to the other player who then presses random, if he gets a 0 then your player is out. anything else, your player stays in. again there is a 1 in 10 chance your player will get out with that.

so you play until there is one player on your team left (he finishes N.O.) add up your score and if you are feeling dedicated play a 2nd innings =)

The problem with this is that you get much smaller scores as you can get out much more often and don’t have the 7-9 runs which make huge scores, although it does mean that a century is much harder to achieve making it a bit more realistic =)


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