It’s ok, i’m still alive!

Hey, very long time since my last post. Pretty much quick run down on what i have done since my last post way back in argentina.

Went to chile and met up with nick.

Had a fun day filled with vomit and squirts.

Arrived to peru and discovered that hitting a pot hole really hard on the coastal road can in fact break both wheels of a car!

Cuzco is really high up and Literally takes your breath away.

Machu picchu is not so high up and still takes your breath away even once aclimatised.

South american strikes really do stop EVERYTHING.

Australians have no idea what a lack of rain looks like.

Christmas with extended family is really different and really nice.

Got to meet my lunch 2 days before eating it, it was a white rabbit.

In viña del mar it is really just like a little argentina in the summer.

All the alternate kids will love valpariso, it is just a massive newtown on a big hill.

There are other newyears that are as good as sydney.

The south of chile is the most amazing place on earth. I walked up a river that was once lava and is now just massive amounts of rock.

I will write all of that is detail and more once i get back to santiago, which is in about a week more.

One last thing is that i will be going to canada a little later than planned, which i think is actually a really good thing!


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