The longest day of my life

The 17th of November will be the longest day of my life for a very long time, if not for the rest of my life.  And the reason for that is that i was awake till 3am of that night, slept about 3 1/2 hours and then was awake the entire night (local time) getting 3 more hours of sleep on the plane and arriving the same day that i left at 3pm.  If i had ended my day and called it quits and slept the rest day it would still have been a 38 hour calender day, with 6 hours of break, but instead i was awake till 8pm, extending the day to 43 hours with a 6 hour break making it be 37 hours pretty much being awake!

But now to the fun none complaining bit =D  Having arrived in Buenos Aires it was a totally different experience to sydney and Australia in general.  The Airport that i got to was old, it almost looked like a soviet style building.  But the most amazing thing was that any thing was allowed to drive on the road, and when i say anything I MEAN ANYTHING!!! I had not even got 50 meters our of the airport and a car that had 2 big holes where the headlights should be drives past and i start to get an idea of what to expect. 

As i drove down the Freeway with my aunty and cousin i notice that almost all the cars on the road have some type of battle scar to show that they deserve to be driven in Buenos Aires the capital of Italy in South America.  This is what i imagine Italian cities to be like and i will let you know when i head there later in the trip, but any how that was the first thing that really surprised me.

The other thing that was shocking is how expensive Australia is! just to put this into perspective to get a ticket on the underground train system or “subte” is $1.2 peso.  that converted in AU$ is about 30cents.  And that is not for just 1 stop, that is the top ticket that takes you from one side to the other!

But yeah it seems like a nice place to be, the main roads are are very dirty with lots of dust and diesel fumes from the trucks, but if you walk one block in, it is all one way streets with trees and its very pretty.

Will keep you all posted and i will make a post every few days which will be a photo post with subtitles of what everything is

Take care and feel free to post comments!



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2 responses to “The longest day of my life

  1. james

    miss you already man. keep doing this!!!

  2. Veronica

    You are having lots of fun already. Keep us posted. Loving your blog Pepito

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