2nd thoughts and a resolution


Just few quick updates on how everything is going.  Last week i had a major freak out about the trip being so close.   I was trying to do study for my up coming exams and after not being able to concentrate on anything including the trip i really started to get a little stressed and nervous about it, which is very rare for me as some of you would know.   To the extent that for about 5 min i was really considering if i should even go!
I think it was just a case of my dreams for so long being so close to finally happening and i didnt know how to react.

Other things that have been going on is that i have now converted most of my money into the currencies that i will be using for most of different parts of the trip.   As well in getting into contact with family members in various locations to organise stuff.  My faithful sidekick on this trip has been looking at and organising our places to sleep and travel costs for our little expedition to those ruins in peru, not sure if you have heard of them. Machu Pichu? anyone heard of them? yeah we are going there!!!

Also mum bought me a new camera which will be my other faithful companion on the trip helping me to document all that is going on, infact the camera helped me document my car crossing the 3rd major milestone in its life. It’s 300,000th Kilometer, it happened today on the freeway at approx 13:11.

And final thing before i go, I will be getting my backpack fitted today thanks to Mr Andrew, so that will be all ready. therefore i just have to start putting things aside to pack.

So now i am off, to spend a day reading and relaxing before my final exam tonight at 6pm.

hope to make at least 2 more posts before i leave next wednesday.  kind of strange to think that in 8 days time i will be doing my check in at the airport…


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