The competition of manhood.

This is a post that i started back in July and never got around to finishing so here goes!

Back in July i went to play tenpin bowling with the crew from house of praise.  And my i say it got pretty heated!  The lead was constantly changing and it was staring to become very annoying that Elise Waldrop was going well! How could I, a MAN lose to a a woman!  Anyway, so there we were having a good game, a made a few crappy bowls and Elise got a lead of approx 20 pins, cant really remember the exact amount as once again it was about 3 months ago when this happened.  But then the MAN RESURGENCE began and i got 2 strikes in a row followed by a spare to convert a deficit of 20 into a lead of 15, as Elise had a shocker.  All while this was happening MR Steve Waldrop was also dreading that he could lose to his sister and was pushing to get stay in front as well.

By the end of the night adding the total scores of both games i came out the victor but it was only a difference of about 10 pins which is pretty close.  That night made me realise how competitive men are over anything! and i believe that being competitive is one of the things really makes us who we are.

Take for example calling shotgun, i have seen some people get so fired up about calling shotgun.  And all that they get from it is that they get the front seat.  Playing cricket in the nets and you get a ball smashed, you try to spin that ball so much, or bowl faster than you ever have to make the batsmen look crap. Or worse still when a better bowler is there and you are going bowl for bowl. You HAVE to be the one that gets the wicket first, just to show that you are better than you seem.

Has anyone ever heard guys talk about driving and the moments they have had while driving and managed to “Correct” and get pats on the back for being suck wicked drivers? Yeah pretty much it’s “yeah my balls are so massive and i drive like such a man that i lost it going around a corner but i managed to fix my stupidity. Because i’m a man”.  But the worst thing is that if a guy never has any stories of where the car has slipped away from them, “the boys” will most likely say that he drives like a girl.

But my personally favourite way that guys compete is facial hair.  See girls will never understand this until they are about 80 and can join into the competition, but being able to grow a better moe, or a better beard than the guy next to you makes you such a mad dawg!  It is the ultimate converstation topic between guys that are just starting to be able to grow some hair, and the guys that already can.  There is comparing of growth patterns, age that the bum fluff began, when the shaving starting to “encourage growth” and many different areas.  Last year when i had my moe for a few months it started because during my end of of school holidays i grew a goatie, and when uni started i got lazy and let the moe grow.  One day i asked Tom my BIL (brother in law) if i should shave 1: Moe, 2: goatie or 3: both.  Tom replied with goatie and leave the moe and there i was 2 months later styling a very mexican looking set of whiskers.

So pretty much. Don’t blame men for being competitive, it is what makes us what we are.  And anyway who would want a guy that doesn’t mind if he loses to his friends sister in a game of bowling!

On a quick note, Steve Waldrop is the ultimate man, as he will be having a prebucks party.  For the people that don’t know what that is, in the same spirit of “predrinks” before going out for a messy night in terrigal, a prebucks party is the way to become even more man!

Quick update on my Travels.  Not sure if i mentioned in past posts but i got my injections done a few months ago, so from now on the trip is a reality! i have felt the physical pain, and if i didn’t wake with that it really means that i am awake and doing this thing.

Will be posting some more soon.  Let me know of your thoughts on this whole being a man thing.


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One response to “The competition of manhood.

  1. Elise Wardrop

    wow.. it seriously was hilarious how competitive you guys were on that night
    i mean.. you cheered every time i failed =P

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