So pretty much ready to disappear

Been hectic lazy with this blogging thing! I have 3 drafts with ideas for posts to finish writing and nothing has been done to any of them for about 3 months.

Ok so pretty much where I am up to right now is

All flights are booked.  I have changed my Australia to Argentina flight to the 17th of November once I found out when I finished all my exams (i had one after my original leave date, but I was already going to fail so that has been dropped).  That gives me an extra 5 days in total, so I might spend a 2 more days in Argentina, and then 3 more in Santiago before i go to peru. also it will give me a chance to find bus times for the way back and book the bus over to Cuzco.

Oh yeah I am going to Peru with nick skinner, he will be flying into Santiago on the 30th of november, and then getting a bus north to Peru.  I on the other hand will be flying up on the 3rd of december and meeting him there.  We plan to spend about 2 days in Lima and then getting a bus to Cuzco, then from there the bus to Machu Pichu.  In total 3-4 days to do the Machu Pichu part of the trip.  Then we will be returning to Lima and spending 2-3 days in Lima before getting buses back south and stopping along the way seeing family in the north of chile, arriving back in Santiago by the 24th of december at the latest.

Once Xmas and new years is up I am pretty sure I will be heading south into the lakes region of chile which is awesome!!!

nothing more to report from that part of the trip.

I have been in contact with my uncle in Canada and we should be meeting up around the beginning of february to fly to Montreal =D, (Petrov if you read this i will send you a picture at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve)

Then i will get a bus from Montreal to New York spending a week there before flying out to Iceland and europe after.

Mum found travel insureance that was hectic cheaper than all that I had found before so now I am totally covered for everything which is great news!!

I am off again and will promise to write more often, especially while I am over keeping people up to date with where I am and what I am doing =D

Comment if you have any suggestions about things to see or places to go in any part of the trip.   Or just want to comment and tell me what you think =D



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2 responses to “So pretty much ready to disappear

  1. Anna

    Sounds great, I am so jealous!
    What are the details of your travel insurance?
    Was it GENG1002 that you dropped?
    If it wasn’t for that course I would’ve had an extra 1 and a half weeks of holidays :/

    Can’t wait to read about what you are doing when you are over there!

    • Yeah Its GENG1002, The travel insurance i got was with VERO, it was about $350 cheaper than the cheapest one i had found. i can say the exact details of it, but it was a comprehensive cover, with high limits on all areas that need high cover and more than enough for the other areas

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