Stuff you Thailand!

Been a Really long time since last post, have 2 drafts sitting there but have never got around to finishing them…

This is just a quick update on the state of the travels.  From when i bought the airfares to right now I have realised that going to Thailand for 7 days while really losing 9 days in Europe was not the best choice so that will be changing today in around 3 hours time when i rebook some tickets. I figure that getting over to europe is much more expensive than going to Thailand, therefore make the most of the time that I will be there.  When i get the funds to travel south-east Asia I will be able to see better and have more time which will make it a much nicer time =)

Also yesterday i got a call from my Canadian uncle and have close to concrete dates for travel to Canada which should be around the 2nd of feb mark.  Also got a ballpark figure for how much a Canadiens hockey match will cost so very pleased with that!  From Montreal a bus seems the most economical way to get to  New York, while I have found some hostels that are not heaps expensive so staying for 1 week should not be a problem before flying to Iceland.

In Still searching what would be the best solution to the lack of time between when I land in Argentina and Christmas.  I will be spending Christmas in Chile with family.  That is not going to change.  But I also want to go to Peru and see the north of chile.  Post Christmas and new years I will be going to the south of chile for a while, so at the moment the best solution looks like:
Land in Argentina, stay 1ish week,

bus to Santiago, stay 3 days,

fly to Lima stay 1 week and then come back down Via land to Santiago to get back a little before Christmas.  Still need to find prices for if it is Viable…

I will endeavor to keep updates and thoughts coming more often than has been the case for the last few week.

Let me end with a joke “If Einstien became an engineer his name would become Fünfstien”  (Sidenote: Ein means one, Fünf means 5, Stien means 1L of beer)


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