Those hairy things that we all love

Today I as I was looking blankly at James my maths textbook (we are tight, most people call the book Stewart but I have spend enough time to call him James) I got distracted (nothing new) and saw the dogs sleeping together on their bed. This got me thinking about how strange the notion of having a “pet” is. It is another animal that you look after, feed, clean, vaccinate and give love too. But why did people start to get pets in the first place? Why do some places not really have pets that live in the home but other places the pet is more a member of the family then the middle child!

What I have always heard when people talk about the domestication of dogs is that they more domesticated themselves by following humans and being friendly and from that getting free food and people looking after them. But would people have really been that warm towards dogs when commonly they were predators and just scavengers from humans. It is almost like inviting seagulls to eat your fish and chips! Except that a seagull wont eat your baby. Maybe a pelican but not a seagull. I hope.

But in all honesty, I am pretty happy that some dude or dudette went against the traditional rules of society and let that dog come and say gday, and get a cuddle. I am one of those people that loves their dogs. They both sleep with me pretty much every night and when they get cold they get under the covers and I really could not careless, I see it being of mutually benefit they get my body heat, and I get a furry heat pack. Also when I am home alone they give me something to talk to. Like I said a few posts back it is really depressing not having to open your mouth except to eat. It is nice to feel words every so often. They are my buddies they follow me around the house, which I like most of the time except when the little one starts to see my feet as a really good toy and goes for them!

All in all I think that the idea of pets is an awesome idea, but a little strange. But you know what really is strange? Why anyone would choose a cat over a dog when they have the choice for either!



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6 responses to “Those hairy things that we all love

  1. T.Ball

    Some people get pets cos they can’t get girlfriends…

  2. bahhaaa james I laughed. get back to maths study

  3. Pets are sometimes seen as subsitutes for other things…. Not that I’m saying that!

    In answer to the question you asked me when you commented on my blog, I just found your blog by accident when looking through some of the people who’d commented on one of the fresly pressed articles. Yours just happened to be one of the most interesting because you’ve written and thought about what you’re doing more than most of the other people you come across.
    Hope that’s an okay answer x

    • That is a wonderful answer =) I do most of my thinking while i should be thinking about maths because of exams or when i am driving when i should be thinking about the road

  4. helliscloserthanyouthink

    for example for me i love both cats and dogs perhaps i sometimes prefer the dog as they are much more socialble, perhaps the difference of opinon is the fact that peoples personality represents the pet they choose.
    As you notice sometimes people’s pets look like their owner but perhaps its the personality of the animal that matches the image of the owner. Or maybe it is the other way round ?

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