“Those bloody full licence drivers!”

As some of you will know I am very outspoken when it comes to driving and my fellow drivers on the roads. I don’t like the way people always talk about P platers as if they are the scum of the world and most of all when its green P’s that are being critiqued, as they would have been fully licenced drivers if they had been born in 1986 and went through the drivers licensing system as quickly as possible.

The reason I am making this post is because today driving on the free way I did not see a single P plater without his lights on while it was raining very heavily.  While I am guesstimating only half of the ‘regular’ drivers did have their lights on. The amount of times that a car would appear from the mist was amazing!

Now I know that I am also a P Plater, be it one with only 1 week left until I am eligible to have my blacks, but you would expect someone with 15 years of driving experience to switch on their lights the moment it starts to rain.  Firstly because it is good a habit to have, but also because it could reduce the amount of accidents that happen in the rain.  If the first time you notice the car in front is when it starts to break in an emergency, there is a much bigger chance you will: 1 – crash into the back of the car, 2 – be at fault for “negligent driving”, 3 – Kill a fellow motorist.  I know that it is a little dramatic but at least if you can see 2 little red dots through the mist it might give you just a little bit more time to react and save another life on the roads.

So before you go an blame “those bloody P platers” for everything, maybe have a look at your own driving and see that you do many of the same things as they do or even have worse habits. With the only difference being that you don’t get targeted by the police because you don’t have a bit of plastic hanging off your number plater.

(side note: driving home on Monday there was an accident with a car driving up the back of a truck on the freeway in heavy rain, and none of the cars involved had plastic hanging off the number plate.)



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2 responses to ““Those bloody full licence drivers!”

  1. T.Ball

    Dude, the number of terrible fully licensed drivers on the road is ridiculous. and then they have a go at p-platers. P platers know the rules better than anyone else driving, cos they learned them in the past few years. and mum, just cos they have a p plate doesnt mean they r gonna kill u at any chance they can get.

  2. Nick

    There are plenty of idiots on the road. I’m one of them at times, and you most likely are as well. I don’t think it is fair to have a go at P-platers for doing stupid things and being targeted by police, but there are 2 related issues to take into consideration.

    1. P-platers are over-represented in crashes. In other words, P-platers crash more often. I don’t think that’s a good reason for them to be targeted by police, but I do believe they are at greater risk than the rest of the population.

    2. P-platers have less experience than fully licenced drivers. You keep getting better at driving the more you drive. You are able to recognise a dangerous situation quicker, and instinctively know how to react because you’ve been there and done that. It’s like any skill – you get better at it the more you do it. Having said that, you probably do reach a plateau before you turn into one of those idiots that drives “safely” at 90 in the middle lane of the freeway. I hate those moving roadblocks and will promptly undertake them at 120. See? I’m one of those idiots too.

    Anyway, I don’t think I was trying to make any particular point here except for saying that P-platers are at higher risk, most likely because of their own inexperience.

    Just for the record, I’ve been on my full licence for a year and a half and just got my full New Zealand licence having had to do a practical test. I have nothing against P-platers, if I came across that way. And I don’t think I’m the greatest driver ever.

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