1 Ticket to go with collaboration


As of 12:45pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) i have completely paid off the most important airfare of them all.  Sydney to Buenos Aires. With that ticket I will officially be able to begin the journey.

I also got thinking during the day about the whole plagiarism thing at uni, and the relevance to Engineering students. As an engineering student very often we are encouraged to work on assignments together to be able to get the final answer as it is a way to prepare us for a group work environment in our post graduation lives.  Which has me thinking, what happens if we get in trouble for plagiarism in one of our assignments with a fellow classmate? Will the we were collaborating mind set work against the academics?

Just a little thought,

If people start to read this would you like to comment with thoughts on the “collaboration” topic?



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2 responses to “1 Ticket to go with collaboration

  1. Nick

    Assignments should be released under the GPL. Manget, if you don’t know what it means, look it up.

  2. Stephen

    At the University of Sydney, they actually address that on every assignment cover sheet. They explicitly state that groupwork is encouraged, but every student must submit their own work.

    Perhaps that doesn’t really sit with the GPL, but I am sure that there are some Creative Commons licenses out there that would be appropriate.

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