A change of plans

Hello again,

now as some of you would know I am in the process of planning an international journey of epic proportions, and when i say epic i don’t mean as epic as Star Wars as that is set over some huge distances with light speed travel and i would not be able to compete with a journey that large until at least shortly after the 3rd world war, in 2063 when Zefram Cochrane  makes the first warp drive and makes contact with the volcans for the first time.  Yes i did just combine the two best sci-fi franchises together to make one super story.

But back to the point, i have received an email informing me that QANTAS has changed their mind due to the fluctuating dollar and want me to pay off my Sydney to Buenos Aires leg by monday next week.  Therefore i have been forced into moving into the next step of the planning and purchasing process by an uncontrollable corporation.

I’m off again, got study and uni again tomorrow, but at least we are going to have a big breakfast at mummadukes to celebrate the end of a semesters classes =)

May the force live long and prosper with you.


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