Hello world!

As none of you will know as this is my first post i am currently in the planning and payment stages of a journey that some could say is bigger than Ben Hur as Ben Hur was only the size of an average man, unless they are talking about the film and that was quiet large.  But in no way is it larger than a journey spanning a possible 5 continents over the time span of 6 months.  The inital plan is to go south america, north america, europe, morocco  (therefore africa) and on the way home get a stop over in asia somewhere. if i can get out of the airport and get a stamp that would be even better!

As of this morning at approximately  10:30am Australian eastern standard time i have a fully paid airfare from New York JFK to London Heathrow Via Iceland.

Yes i am travelling to the eye of the storm as many travellers would believe after being stranded for a number of days but i don’t believe that is a good enough reason to not travel to one of the most amazing places on earth. They still don’t have last names! An Icelandic person will be known as [insert firstname] {son of fathers name} yes that is Lord of the Rings “shit” right there!

I must head off as i have Uni in the morning but i hope to make regular updates of how the developments are going with the journey and anything else that could be of interest to readers.

Much love, Pepito!


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