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“Those bloody full licence drivers!”

As some of you will know I am very outspoken when it comes to driving and my fellow drivers on the roads. I don’t like the way people always talk about P platers as if they are the scum of the world and most of all when its green P’s that are being critiqued, as they would have been fully licenced drivers if they had been born in 1986 and went through the drivers licensing system as quickly as possible.

The reason I am making this post is because today driving on the free way I did not see a single P plater without his lights on while it was raining very heavily.  While I am guesstimating only half of the ‘regular’ drivers did have their lights on. The amount of times that a car would appear from the mist was amazing!

Now I know that I am also a P Plater, be it one with only 1 week left until I am eligible to have my blacks, but you would expect someone with 15 years of driving experience to switch on their lights the moment it starts to rain.  Firstly because it is good a habit to have, but also because it could reduce the amount of accidents that happen in the rain.  If the first time you notice the car in front is when it starts to break in an emergency, there is a much bigger chance you will: 1 – crash into the back of the car, 2 – be at fault for “negligent driving”, 3 – Kill a fellow motorist.  I know that it is a little dramatic but at least if you can see 2 little red dots through the mist it might give you just a little bit more time to react and save another life on the roads.

So before you go an blame “those bloody P platers” for everything, maybe have a look at your own driving and see that you do many of the same things as they do or even have worse habits. With the only difference being that you don’t get targeted by the police because you don’t have a bit of plastic hanging off your number plater.

(side note: driving home on Monday there was an accident with a car driving up the back of a truck on the freeway in heavy rain, and none of the cars involved had plastic hanging off the number plate.)



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1 Ticket to go with collaboration


As of 12:45pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) i have completely paid off the most important airfare of them all.  Sydney to Buenos Aires. With that ticket I will officially be able to begin the journey.

I also got thinking during the day about the whole plagiarism thing at uni, and the relevance to Engineering students. As an engineering student very often we are encouraged to work on assignments together to be able to get the final answer as it is a way to prepare us for a group work environment in our post graduation lives.  Which has me thinking, what happens if we get in trouble for plagiarism in one of our assignments with a fellow classmate? Will the we were collaborating mind set work against the academics?

Just a little thought,

If people start to read this would you like to comment with thoughts on the “collaboration” topic?


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A change of plans

Hello again,

now as some of you would know I am in the process of planning an international journey of epic proportions, and when i say epic i don’t mean as epic as Star Wars as that is set over some huge distances with light speed travel and i would not be able to compete with a journey that large until at least shortly after the 3rd world war, in 2063 when Zefram Cochrane  makes the first warp drive and makes contact with the volcans for the first time.  Yes i did just combine the two best sci-fi franchises together to make one super story.

But back to the point, i have received an email informing me that QANTAS has changed their mind due to the fluctuating dollar and want me to pay off my Sydney to Buenos Aires leg by monday next week.  Therefore i have been forced into moving into the next step of the planning and purchasing process by an uncontrollable corporation.

I’m off again, got study and uni again tomorrow, but at least we are going to have a big breakfast at mummadukes to celebrate the end of a semesters classes =)

May the force live long and prosper with you.

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Hello world!

As none of you will know as this is my first post i am currently in the planning and payment stages of a journey that some could say is bigger than Ben Hur as Ben Hur was only the size of an average man, unless they are talking about the film and that was quiet large.  But in no way is it larger than a journey spanning a possible 5 continents over the time span of 6 months.  The inital plan is to go south america, north america, europe, morocco  (therefore africa) and on the way home get a stop over in asia somewhere. if i can get out of the airport and get a stamp that would be even better!

As of this morning at approximately  10:30am Australian eastern standard time i have a fully paid airfare from New York JFK to London Heathrow Via Iceland.

Yes i am travelling to the eye of the storm as many travellers would believe after being stranded for a number of days but i don’t believe that is a good enough reason to not travel to one of the most amazing places on earth. They still don’t have last names! An Icelandic person will be known as [insert firstname] {son of fathers name} yes that is Lord of the Rings “shit” right there!

I must head off as i have Uni in the morning but i hope to make regular updates of how the developments are going with the journey and anything else that could be of interest to readers.

Much love, Pepito!

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